Microanálisis, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company established in 1984.

From day one we have been distributors in Mexico of leading products for metallographic preparation and analysis. Over the course of our history we have added an assortment of product lines to supplement our offering of equipment and materials for testing and inspection of engineered materials, for the benefit of our customers. For 35 years we have offered not only products of exceptional quality but technical assistance and support in everything related to these products and their application specific to every customer needs. Hundreds of laboratories in Mexico can atest to this. Our fields of action encompass quality control applications in industry, education of materials science and R&D in materials. Today more than ever we stand at the technological forefront in the realm of microstructural characterization of materials and devoted at the service for our customers.


To help in the implementation of quality control in industrial, education and research laboratories, through the offering of products and services for testing, analysis and measurement, with high degree fo quality and complete orientation to the satisfaction of every specific customers’ application.


To be the leading company in Mexico in the supply of equipment and consumable materials for industrial, education and research laboratories. Creating working conditions for our personnel to develop as human beings and as professionals with a sence of being part of a great enterprise. To reach the highest standards of quality in our industry, standing out for our highly ethical behavior, responsiveness, agility and flexibility to adapt to the businesses processes of our customers.


  • Honesty: Our guiding light for every action taken at our company, which allows us independence from commercial, financial or other types of pressure that could impair our technical judgement or our commitment towards our customers.
  • Passion: Which moves us to deliver our best effort in everything that wwe do to ensure the best result and our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Leadership: To stay at the technological and human vanguard, and make a difference in front of any competitor.
  • Respect and Tolerance: To accept our social, cultural and political differences, and amalgamarte them into one single organizational culture that distinguishes us in the entreprenurial environment.
  • Freedom: To express our ideas and differences, and to reach excelence.
  • Learning: Our capacity to asimilate our success and our mistakes, and train ourselves to reach new targets.
  • Teamwork: Our conviction that the sum of one plus one is always bigger than two.
  • Trust: It is the certainty of knowing that in the toughest of situations everyone will perform with excelence to succeed.
  • Family: The foundation of what we are as persons and as part of society.