Affri is proud to be one of the world’s major designers and manufacturer of Hardness Testing systems for over 60 years, providing state of the art technology.
Our mission statement is to supply the most advanced technology and the most convenient solution to satisfy customer’s requirements.

Hardness Testing is our passion.

Over our 60 year history, Affri has achieved multiple milestones in the development of technology and design of hardness testing solutions worldwide. As result Affri is highly respected, and appreciated worldwide, for providing high quality and extensive range of Hardness Testing solutions, at reasonable costs.

UNITRON® specializes in high quality, precision instruments for industrial, metallurgical, materials science, research and educational applications. Since 1952, UNITRON’S microscopes and related optical accessories have been consistently used and trusted worldwide in such prestigious companies as Intel, BAE Systems, ITT, GE, Williams Co., DuPont, Boeing, 3M, Alcoa, MIT, Raytheon, SONY, Texas Instruments, iRobot, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies and the Mayo Clinic.

From our U.S. owned and operated facilities we provide the management, quality control, design, marketing and customer service that make UNITRON® microscopes a market leader. Through our worldwide network of manufacturing facilities we are able to manufacture superior instruments and optical components to our specifications at reasonable prices.

Dedicated to hardness tester manufacturing, Matsuzawa has offered reliable products with its stable technology to customers in the fields of various technological developments and quality control not only in Japan but also overseas since its establishment in 1995.